Our quality and flexibility promise

Quality of our products and services is in the DNA of C-i-C GmbH

Flexibility is of highest importance for our customers and a key performance indicator for our team.

Our renewable promise

"A company is never static, it is a process."

(Ludwig Boelkow, German aircraft & lightweight engineer and entrepreneur, one of the father of Airbus)

In the light of the global warming and the need to become circular, Ludwig Boelkows statement made almost 50 years ago is truer then ever for the composite industry.

c-i-c is addressing those issues by its new products underdevelopment

c-i-c ‘s owner have large forests under management

c-i-c Materials in medical devices

c-i-c materials in aeronautics and anti-ballistic

c-i-c materials in sporting goods

Who are we?

An owner-managed midsize company based in the main industrial area in Germany, founded by two experienced entrepreneurs from the composite industry.

We offer highest quality resins films ready for anti-ballistic application from own production.

We are completely independent and financially fully back by the owners.

Our focus is on new resin systems made from renewable products and the combination of those renewable resins with high performance fibers.

The customer is in the center at c-i-c. We are committed to the highest standards in sustainability, quality, and flexibility in all areas.

Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry with a strong track record in the composite world.

Our carbon fiber prepregs are made under our recipes and supervision by our trusted production partners for customers along the composite value chain, for the automotive, aeronautic, electronic, energy generation, sporting goods, defense and industrial markets.

Composites Inspired by Customers